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Takeaway Dines: The Lion’s Share

Before departing from San Diego, I was fortunate to experience several outings that peaked my interest from day one.  Thank you again for feeding my face and curiosity, “sweet man”.  So, down near Seaport Village there is this impeccable, eclectic dive into which you should just fall at some point.  I fall into places… it’s better than planning ahead.  “Spontaneity is the key to life” will forever be my motto.  Anywho.  The Lion’s Share is the name of this mystical den.  Upon entry, we were immediately intrigued and ready to explore the menu.  The dim lights provide a perfect frame for the murals along the walls and Apostolic Palace inspired ceiling.  Each piece of art was recreated with original flare that kept my eyes fixed upon them with a deeper respect than the second prior.  Bravo.

Starting with the deviled eggs, rabbit sausage and, of course, truffle fries was the way to go.  Now, these deviled eggs aren’t just deviled eggs; they are topped with little dainty surprises that will blow your pallet’s mind.  I tried the Cocktail of The Day, which is a random concoction they create just before opening the doors.  How’s that for spontaneity?!?  No main course needed.  At any rate,  everything was super tasty and the presentation was impressive.  The tenders hold true to the statement of undivided attention without being stalkerish.  It don’t get no betta!


No further details!  You must visit around 1600 when they open the doors and take in the ambiance for yourself.  Oh!  There have been speakeasy nights there as well, so the Lion’s Share is more than just a dining hall.  The possibilities are beyond what meets the eye.  Cheers and do enjoy you share!