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Relative or Debate Worthy: United, Untied

Niggers are devils.  Crackers are gods.  Chinks are horrible drivers.  Wetbacks take our jobs.  Ragheads are terrorists.  Hosers are gullible.  Ok, my stomach hurts just typing these letters organized in certain orders to create these derogatory words.  What the actual fock is wrong with us???  Like, for serious.

Are we that dissatisfied with our own Selves that we must continue to down our brothers and sisters?  Have we forgotten that we all originate from the same blood?  No matter what religion you follow- even if you have no Faith-, there is some point in your studies at which you are informed of the beginning, the Creator… and not that huge combustion of intergalactic particles.  Think of this:  in the winter, even the darkest skinned people notice their skin tone becomes lighter.  In the summer, even the most pasty being can attest to the slightest darkening of their skin.   Shut the hell up with all this racist bulljive.  What exactly do you NOT like about pale faces?  Coloreds (this is all inclusive)?  All of us are descendants of some form of slavery, prostitution, horrible driving, brilliant inventors, royalty.  So how is one race better than any other?  How are any of us more entitled than the human next to us?

WE AREN’T.  Simple as that.

Stop blaming Trump for everything.  Shit.  “You people” are the ones who continue to hype his irresponsible, non-tactical, unethical actions.  Why did he even decide to run for president?  

So… basically he is just throwing a huge temper tantrum, which majorly affects the ENTIRE country, our allies and, quite frankly, the entire world.  I’m not saying that this article is the whole truth and nothing but, no.  However, as pitiful and hurt as Maggie and Alexander tried to write Trump in, they failed as far as I’m concerned.  Why the heck should we take this man seriously when nearly every speech is a punchline infested lie or threat???  No thanks.

But that’s just my opinion. (shrugs)

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