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Relative Or Debate Worthy: #Power


Words are simply individual letters organized specifically to interpret one’s thoughts.  Hashtags are similar, yet so opposite at times.

In the world of social media, we utilize hashtags to communicate, expand and grow our brand(s) or perhaps to elaborate on a previously expressed opinion.  Sometimes these tags are used simply for additional views and have absolutely no relevance to the attached post.  This is been an issue as of late; perhaps even before now without proper recognition.

A general Google search for the word “woman” yields very standard results such as, portrait and 3/4 shots of clothed women, happy females, women of various cultures and, of course, Wonder Woman.  Now, type this exact word into the search bar of Tumblr.  Your screen will flood with smiling women, half-naked women, fully naked women and even some pornographic material.  Wow.  Mind you, this is the same word yet such different results.  Tis quite obvious, the power of the hashtag.  No?  Check this out:

Even in my travels around Europe, I have noticed that certain search results are not present in every country.  In my research, I have found that Google searches in America generate less censored results than, say, England, France or Italy.  Now we see that Korea is taking a public stand against this; especially on the mention of assault and prostitution.  On Tumblr!?!  What on Earth is happening out there that we, as social beings and bloggers, feel it is okay to share/like/repost the tragic life of our fellow beings- especially our youth???

There should absolutely be a much more thorough process for uploading/posting content to social media.  At least I believe so.  We all have that one photograph, video, text or comment that has slipped through the cracks of the web and is accessible for eternity no matter how many times we have deleted and recreated our social presence.  I am almost certain of it.  Now, wouldn’t life seem more precious if we took the well-being of one another more deeply into consideration?

If you want to post some adult content, use a less juvenile hashtag than “woman”.  Sure.  It gets a lot of hits, but our children are watching.  Just keep that in mind.


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