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Relative or Debate Worthy: 45 [Red] Flags

Sure, freedom of speech is our right.  Correct?  So, why is it that only certain folks are held fully accountable for exercising this liberty?  Kaepernick takes a knee, Trump calls his mother a bitch.  Curry hesitates to accept an invitation to the White House, Trump attempts to publicly embarrass him by retracting the bait.  Eh, I say “bait” because we all know that was more of a desperate cry for reprieve.  Ri even insists that our leader will do just that: lead America to its demise.  So, basically this guy- the voice of our country- is reeking international havoc with no apology… and Trump supporters still see nothing wrong with this scene?  How about those supporters who go so far as to seek personal revenge in “honor” of Trump ending DACA?

So many people are affected by Donald’s hot-headed reign.  You do realize that YOU, your FAMILY, your LEGACY are affected as well, ya?  There have been far too many red flags since Trump’s presidency began.

Luther Strange.  Healthcare….

I’m just checking your pulse.  You still there?

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