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Inquiring Minds: How Do You Deal With Stress?

I have received my first inquiry/topic suggestion!  @PinterestFashionStar and @MackySuson asked: “How Do You Handle Stress?”

I like this talking point because there are so many ways to respond, and there are several factors that come into play when I personally decide how to face my stresses.  Oftentimes  I immediately begin to clean.  I believe that my environment impacts my mood, thought process and even my spiritual progress; thus, I start with a physical deep cleanse of my home.  I mean, I literally get on my hands and knees and scrub every inch, every corner, every crevice.  During this time I actually feel my mind beginning to process what has aroused me to this current state, and it is then that I can begin to properly access the origin of my stress.  I am not one to approach an obstructive situation with instant emotion, as it typically yields very little solution.  I prefer to step back, process the event(s), consider the facts and then revisit the situational stress with logic.

There are also times that I choose to express my stress through my creations- whether it be dancing, flailing about during a photo shoot, making music, writing, painting/drawing or having a fitness and meditation session.  I have produced some of my most artistically appreciated works with this method; and to be honest, I quite enjoy it.  Stress is not always negative- there is positive stress and negative stress.  I would say that I utilize my positive stress with my creations.  I prefer not to perpetuate negativity.  My positive stress usually comes from anxiety, which derives from my excitement about what is to come or what is happening in the Now.  In these cases I absolutely commence the situation with instantaneous emotion in order to enhance the outcome.

As I mentioned in my previous post, manic depression is one of my demons, and when it hits, it hits hard.  Unfortunately, these are the days that I allow stress to overtake me in a less glorious manner.  During my episodes I laze about, and day one I eat so much disgustingly unhealthy food that I literally nearly vomit on myself.  Throughout the episode, which tends to last an average of five days, I eat nothing and drink myself into exhaustion whilst I lay around in the clothes from the previous days, binge watch random Netflix series and cry for (seemingly) no apparent reason, thought there is always an underlying reason which surfaces once my ordeal has come to an end.  I must admit that these aren’t the worst days of my life, not in retrospect at least.  In the moment, I constantly contemplate suicide as I recall all the horrible experiences in my life.  So, I don’t suggest this formula for handling any situation.  But I do talk to God daily, and I know He is the reason I have survived all the trials and near-death experiences in this life.

That brings me to my next technique for handling stress:  Prayer.  Yes, I pray even in the best of times and I give God all the glory for what has, is coming and will come to pass.  However, when I am stressed- which I am certain some others will agree- it seems as though the end, and I mean the end, is near.  It isn’t.  These are the times in which we are to draw nearer to Him and exercise our faith in ways we have not yet.  Eh, no I’m not preaching to you, but if the subject of God, church and faith bother you, I am not sorry.  Please just go to another post.  I am a firm believer and I have no issue publicizing that.  My talks with God have gotten me past, through, under and over the toughest times in my career, education, personal life and they continue to provide what I seek and more.

Now.  Your turn!  How do you deal with stress?  Be sure to check out the fabulous, fashion campaigns  via @MackySuson and @PinterestFashionStar!!!  Thank you for asking, and as always thank you for listening.

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