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Industry: The Visiters

Meanwhile, back in San Diego…

On a Sunday evening, around seven post meridiem- in Ciros’, a neatly tucked away pizza joint- open mic night was jumping; the energy was beyond electric.  Yago, Esteban and Lorenzo were jamming out hard core with their original surf reggae songs, as well as several well-known covers.  Their sound is like nothing I had experienced first-hand before, which is only complimentary to their individual and collective swag.

I totally bombed my acoustic set.  I don’t at all like using OPG (other peoples’ guitars), but Eb is not an electric acoustic, so I used Esteban’s… thank you again, brother!  Yago was kind enough to rally the guys up to back me in my cover version of Jason Mraz’s  “I’m Yours”.  This was my first time performing with a live band.  How excited I was!!!  As the night wound down, Lorenzo chatted me up and provided so much insight and encouragement.

I cannot thank you gentlemen, and your ladies, enough for being so generous with the information and support.  Continue to thrive well and love life thoroughly.

I snagged one of their flash drive albums at their release gathering… I am far from disappointed.  Enjoy The Visiters’ website, tours and releases, folks.  Peace and prosperity.