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Relative or Debate Worthy: 45 [Red] Flags

Sure, freedom of speech is our right.  Correct?  So, why is it that only certain folks are held fully accountable for exercising this liberty?  Kaepernick takes a knee, Trump calls his mother a bitch.  Curry hesitates to accept an invitation to the White House, Trump attempts to publicly embarrass him[…]

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Relative or Debate Worthy: United, Untied

Niggers are devils.  Crackers are gods.  Chinks are horrible drivers.  Wetbacks take our jobs.  Ragheads are terrorists.  Hosers are gullible.  Ok, my stomach hurts just typing these letters organized in certain orders to create these derogatory words.  What the actual fock is wrong with us???  Like, for serious. Are we[…]

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